If we can demonstrate that the relationship between you (the debtor) and the lender (creditor) was unfair, that you were mis-sold, or provided with the wrong advice, Legal UK Services can help you reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

We’ve already helped 1000s of successful claimants just like you. So why not explore our services below and find out if we can help you claim your money back.


We have won our clients over £5,000,000 in compensation.

Key Services

With no upfront costs to pay and a service that’s done for you, why not let our team of experts assist you throughout every stage of your claim. It couldn’t be easier.

Our professional, polite and highly experienced team can help you claim back a wide range of mis-sold or unaffordable financial services including:

Personal Contract Claims

Do you think that you have been mis-sold a car finance agreement or PCP (Personal Contract Plan)? It’s one of the biggest mis-selling scandals and it costs nothing to find out if you have been affected. You could be owed £1,000s in compensation.

PCP Motor Vehicle Finance Claims

PCP (Personal Contract Plan) is a popular method used by individuals to purchase motor vehicles and has replaced traditional hire purchase agreements. Latest figures show 90% of all new car deals are by personal contract purchasers. PCP is presented as a more flexible approach to car financing. Under a PCP agreement, the buyer never owns the car and at the end of the term, unless they elect to pay a significant balloon payment, the vehicle must be returned.


How Might PCP Have Been Mis-Sold?

Were you provided with all the relevant information at the point of purchase? If any of the below mis-selling points relate to your agreement, then you could be eligible for financial compensation worth £1,000s.

  • Were you made aware that by taking out a PCP agreement you could end up paying considerably more than under a hire purchase agreement?
  • Was it made clear that there was a balloon payment to be made and that if you failed to pay the balloon payment, you would risk losing the vehicle?
  • Was a full and detailed affordability assessment carried out?
  • Did the organisation you were purchasing the vehicle from disclose that they would be receiving commission from recommending the vehicle finance?
  • Did you fully understand all the paperwork and were you provided with clear and transparent information?

If any of these statements sound familiar, you could have reasonable grounds for pursuing a mis-sold PCP claim.


Plevin Claims

Did you know the banks received a commission of more than 50% on your PPI? Do you think this is unfair? Millions of people who were sold PPI are now entitled to money back as part of the “Plevin” rule. So-called after the claimant, Susan Plevin. Mrs Plevin successfully won a Supreme Court case for an unfair contractual relationship against her loan provider, Paragon Personal Finance.

Did You Miss The PPI Deadline?

Don’t worry. Under the Supreme Court ruling, you could still be eligible to claim for unfair or undisclosed sales commission even though the PPI deadline has passed. For years we’ve been hearing about the mis-selling of PPI on loans, credit cards and mortgages. In 2014, a new type of PPI mis-selling emerged known as Plevin. Make sure you’re not one of the thousands who could be missing out.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published guidance that any lender or broker charging commission that amounted to over 50 percent of a PPI premium, had created an unfair contractual relationship.


Do Any Of The Below Apply To You?

  • You missed the original PPI submission deadline
  • You took out payment protection insurance
  • Your were originally rejected for a PPI compensation claim
  • You claimed for PPI but did not receive all your commission back

If any of these statements sound familiar, you could be eligible to make a Plevin compensation claim. Why not talk to us today and let us start a claim investigation on your behalf.


Irresponsible Lending Complaints

Did you take out a PayDay or doorstep loan that you couldn’t afford to repay? Did the lender fail to check your finances properly? Then you could have grounds for an irresponsible lending complaint. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) supported over 70% of all payday loan complaints in 2019/2020.

Was Your Lending Unaffordable?

If the answer is YES then you could be owed a large refund.

Irresponsible or unaffordable lending, frequently marketed as PayDay or Doorstep loans, is intended to be a short term lending arrangement. Did the lender carry out a full affordability check before recommending the loan? We’re your loan payments ever rolled from one month to the next without the lender first asking for your permission? Then your chances of making a successful claim are extremely high. No matter whether your PayDay loan was intended to be for one month, or it rolled on for twelve months, your lender(s) should have assessed whether the loan was affordable in the first place.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you struggle to pay regular household payments due to the size of the loan repayments
  • Did the lender encourage you to roll on your payments
  • Did the lender offer to increase the value of your loan
  • Were all the initial charges and fees made clear to you from the start
  • Were you left in financial difficulty because of automatic payments deducted from your account

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then you could make a claim that includes:

  • Interest charged
  • Late fees
  • Roll over fees
  • Payment fees

The sums add up over time so don’t delay. Make that call today. As with all our services, we operate on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. So you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot of gain.


Packaged Bank Account Complaints

Is your bank charging you a monthly fee? Were the options and limitations fully disclosed to you at the time? If not, there’s an excellent chance you could be due a substantial refund. Many of the UK’s leading banks currently offer a number of products that fall into the package bank account category.

Packaged Bank Account Complaints

PBA’s (Packaged Bank Accounts) are bank accounts where you pay a monthly fee for the privilege of having access to additional services including travel, breakdown and mobile insurance. Many people took out one of these accounts blind-sided by the promise of cheap insurance, not realising that they’d been mis-sold, often on a huge scale.


PBA Mis-Selling Checklist

Did your bank check that the insurance they were offering was suitable for you? Did they specify that in order to qualify for an overdraft you had to take out a PBA product? If so, then you could be set to receive a payment from £100s to £1,000s in compensation.

Below are just a few other ways in which you may have been mis-sold.

  • You were wrongly told that you had to get it as part of your mortgage, loan or other agreement with the lender
  • You subsequently discovered that you were too old to benefit from the extras included as part of the account - such as being too old to qualify for the travel insurance
  • You were misled about the benefits of the account as well as full cost
  • You were told that having a PBA would improve your credit score, or was the only way to secure an overdraft
  • You were told that you had to keep the account when you requested to cancel it

If any of those ring a bell, then we’re here to help. Legal UK Services Ltd has your back and we’re here to do the hard work for you.


? £ Secret Commissions Claims

Have you ever taken out a loan or finance on the recommendation of a finance broker or lender? Did they fully disclose what commission they would earn from the deal they were recommending?

Under consumer protection laws, a lender must be transparent and declare all fees and commissions charged as part of the transaction and brokers are required to provide proper and impartial advice. If they failed to do so, then you could be eligible to make a Secret Commissions Claim. And it could be worth £1000’s.

What is a Secret Commissions Claim?

Secret or hidden commissions occur when a finance broker, agent or other introducer, sells or recommends you take out a specific finance agreement or package with a bank or lender. If they fail to fully disclose what fees or commissions they are earning from brokering the transaction, then we can investigate a Secret Commissions Claim on your behalf.

Even if you were generically told that commission “may be paid in certain circumstances” but the exact amount and conditions were not detailed, then you may still be entitled to hidden commission compensation.


Examples of Secret Commission Mis-selling

Common examples where mis-selling has occurred include the following financial products and services:

  • PPI
  • Secured loans
  • Car Finance

Make that call today and let us help you claim back your hidden commissions.