Should I pursue my own case? What are the pros of hiring an expert?

When deciding whether to make a claim against mis-selling, it is common to wonder ‘Can’t I just make a mis-selling claim by myself?’ And the short answer is yes.

You can outline your concerns to the firm that you are looking to challenge and then escalate the outcome to the Financial Ombudsman Service to review.

Many people view this as a viable route to take, and of course, some claimants see results this way, without having to pay a success fee at the end. However, there are undeniable benefits to having industry experts represent your case during these proceedings.

So, what are the pros of hiring financial mis-selling experts?

  • Understanding exactly how you’ve been mis-sold

Often, people can be sure that they’ve lost money on an investment – but they can’t be certain how, or even if they have a case.

You may have been mis-sold an investment if:

  • You felt pressured at the time into buying a product or committing to a service
  • Your bank, broker or lender did not tell you how your money would be invested
  • The product, service or investment was not right for your needs
  • Your bank, broker or lender failed to advise you of the financial risks
  • You were promised something that was not delivered
  • Your bank, broker or lender did not fully disclose details of all applicable charges
  • Your bank, broker or lender retained commission without notifying you

Financial specialists will know exactly what your grounds are for claiming and what evidence you’ll need to provide.

  • Save time and energy

Although it may not seem like a time-sensitive matter, time is of the essence when it comes to making a claim against a lender.

Having a team who have helped people in the same position as you time and time again, means the process will run faster and much more efficiently.

It also means you can protect your time and mental energy from the day-to-day aspects of the case. Leaving you with more free time and a better headspace to do the things you enjoy, such as spending time with family or friends.

  • Potentially secure a larger pay-out

Those who handle their own cases can get great results, but, commonly, they get the very minimum amount they could. Often due to their lack of experience and understanding of the laws around mis-selling.

When you have an expert on your side whose job it is to get you the very best results, and who has years of experience confidently challenging big financial companies, you are much more likely to get a higher pay-out.

  • Get continuous reassurance and support

Making a formal complaint against an organisation, whatever the size, can be intimidating. Understanding the legal jargon, providing the evidence needed and advocating for yourself not only requires your time and energy but can also cause additional stress.

Our clients frequently tell us that having experts to talk things through with and getting ongoing support during proceedings is priceless.

“Very efficient service, friendly and informative right from the start. And all the way through the process. Great service, highly recommended.” The Loveless Family, Inverness

If you are considering making a claim but find the idea of going it alone daunting, we’re here to help. To chat with one of our experts, simply call 01615 180980 or email [email protected].

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